Public institution Viešvilė dispensary was established in 2001. July 1, after reorganization of the Jurbarkas District Primary Health Care Center (PSPC). Ambulatory is a public non-profit health care institution established by Jurbarkas District Municipality of the Lithuanian National Health System, which provides primary level personal health care services.

The main objective of the institution's activity is to improve the health of the patients who have taken and the rest of the population.

Adhere to medical ethics.

The main tasks of the institution's activities are human health care activities.

Main activities of the main body: to organize and provide personal health care services.

Public institution Viešvilė Dispensary provides services in accordance with the following Lithuanian medical standards:

    • family doctor;
    • general care nurse;
    • obstetrician gynecologist;
    • doctor's dentist. 

In pursuance of its objectives and in pursuit of its objectives, the institution is engaged in activities that are not prohibited by these types of economic commercial activity.

  1. Free provision of out-patient health care to individuals covered by compulsory health insurance;

  2. Other human health activities;

  3. Family doctor activities;

  4. Dental practice activities;

  5. Provision of free personal health care services;

  6. Provision of paid outpatient health care services:

    1. when these services are included in the list of ambulatory health care provided by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania;

    2. when the services are provided to persons who have applied to the institution on their own initiative and the territorial sickness fund does not pay for their health care;

  7. Provision of free medical care for all residents of Lithuania;

  8. In agreement with the Territorial Patients' Fund in case of unforeseen cases, the institution follows the Law on Health Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Health Care Institutions, other special laws, Government resolutions and other legal acts;

  9. Another, not prohibited by law.

  10. Health promotion programs for public health.

    If an activity required by the statutes of the establishment requires a license, the institution must hold such a license.


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Registratūra: (8 447) 49 334

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Odontologinės pagalbos paslaugos ne darbo metu, poilsio ir švenčių dienomis, pirmoji pagalba ūmiais atvejais (nuskausminant) teikiama viešojoje įstaigoje Jurbarko ligoninės Priėmimo-skubios pagalbos skyriuje. Jei reikalinga odontologo-chirurgo konsultacija, pacientas nukreipiamas į viešosios įstaigos Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universiteto ligoninę Kauno klinikas.